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Agape Volunteers

Agape has a vibrant, diverse team of volunteers offering support, alternative therapies, companionship, pet visits and more. Learn more. 

Caring for Our Denver Front Range Community

Agape has provided above-and-beyond hospice and palliative care to our Denver community for over 17 years. ​Our teams serve the entire Front Range in nursing or assisted living facilities, personal residences or wherever people call home. 

Patient and Family Support

Supporting a loved one through a chronic or serious illness can feel overwhelming. Our palliative and hospice teams support both patients and the people who care for them.  ​Learn more

How do I get started? 

If you or a family member could benefit from Agape care, don't hesitate to get in touch. What we hear most from patients and families is, We wish we'd found you sooner. 

Veterans Benefits

and Support

Agape social workers can provide resources to help families understand and access veteran benefits. Agape volunteers who are veterans may also provide connection and support to veterans in our care. 

"The Agape team was professional, caring, funny...and they loved our dog! Top notch." 

Call 720-482-1988 for questions or referrals.

Which care is right for me? 

It's important to understand your choices: getting the right care, suited to your needs, when you need it. Learn more about hospice and palliative care and how each can help.