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Palliative Care

In the course of illness there are "good days" and "bad days." Days when you can almost forget you're sick, and days you fear you'll never feel well again. Palliative medicine specializes in giving you more good days.

What is Palliative Care?

With a focus on caring for people of all ages who have ongoing or serious illness, palliative medicine helps individuals and their families through:

  • Relieving pain and other distressing symptoms as a result of a condition or treatment
  • Helping people plan for life around care and treatment
  • Supporting patients and families through the stress of living with an illness
  • Improving the overall quality of life for patients and their families.

Agape palliative visits are always made by a Nurse Practitioner, and sometimes a social worker, if requested for additional support.

Agape does not replace existing providers. Instead, we work with a patient’s current physicians, including specialists, adding a layer of care and often a central point of communication.

Palliative care is covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurance. Studies have shown that those receiving early palliative care not only have improved quality of life but less depression and in some cases, longer overall life expectancy.

​Start feeling better today through the support of palliative care. The sooner our team can become involved, the more we can help.

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Patient Testimonials:

"Oncologists treat cancer, cardiologists the heart. But what happens to the rest of you? Palliative care can ​be the facilitator for all to work together for the common g​ood of the whole person…" - Wife of Palliative Patient

Agape Healthcare

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