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May I continue curative treatments, such as chemotherapy, while receiving palliative care? Yes. Palliative care can be used in conjunction with all other medical treatments.

When I hear the term “palliative care,” I think of hospice? Are they the same? No, palliative care is a specialized discipline of medicine designed to support and enhance quality of life of people facing serious, potentially life-threatening, or chronic illness, addressing ALL symptoms and factors aggressively.

What illnesses can benefit from palliative care? ​Palliative care benefits people living with cancer, heart disease, lung disease, kidney failure, AIDS and progressive neurologic disease. But remember: Palliative care can help anyone facing a new serious or chronic illness.

If I need palliative care, does that mean I’m  dying? Palliative care DOES NOT imply a terminal diagnosis. It is designed to help anywhere along the course of an illness. The best response to palliative care is early and ongoing relationships with your care team. 

How does palliative care help? Agape providers are highly qualified in management and titration of pain medication, as well as relieving other distressing symptoms. Social workers address emotional, social, spiritual or practical concerns of both patient and family. Working with your primary physician, our team creates a holistic plan to help you achieve (and maintain) the highest possible quality of life.  

Who pays for palliative care? Most private insurance covers all or part of palliative care just as they would other services. Medicare and Medicaid also typically cover palliative care. If you have concerns about  paying for palliative care, please contact Agape at  720-482-1988 or toll-free at 877-771-1231.

How long should I wait to request palliative care? ​There is no reason to wait. Our philosophy is to provide early and ongoing support for serious health conditions. You do not have to be in pain or experiencing negative symptoms in order to benefit.

How do I start receiving palliative care? You can call our Palliative Goals of Care Team at 
​720-482-1988 or talk with your physician.