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Common Questions about Hospice Care

Who can benefit from hospice care?
Hospice care is for anyone, of any age, with a life-limiting illness (such as heart disease, kidney disease, dementia, lung disease and other chronic conditions).

Where is care provided?
Care is provided wherever a patient calls home: a personal residence, in-patient facility, assisted living or skilled nursing home. Agape’s services are provided in addition to the standard care received in a skilled nursing facility. The hospice team ensures that all care is part of an integrated plan that meets a patient’s specific needs. In addition to the quality care at such facilities, our staff adds specialty expertise in symptom management and comfort care.

Who pays for hospice care?
Hospice is an earned benefit paid for by Medicare/Medicaid. In 2013, 87% of hospice care was paid for by these entities. Private insurance picks up most of the remaining 13%. Please keep in mind: Agape believes every person has the right to compassionate, expert care and support at the end of life and refuses no hospice patient based on inability to pay. If you have questions or concerns, please call us at (720) 482-1988. We can help you apply for and receive hospice benefits.

What can I expect from hospice care?

The first step is a meeting between the patient, family and the Agape admissions nurse and social worker. The admissions team takes time to ask questions, provide information and listen. They help families understand the hospice benefit and complete paperwork. Agape will also get in touch with the patient’s physician to establish communication and request any needed paperwork or information.

Plan of Care: The hospice care team, along with the patient, family and the patient’s physician, work together to create a detailed individual care plan. This plan addresses pain management, symptom control and other key issues. Once the plan is established, the hospice team begins providing medical care as well as social, emotional and spiritual support. The team meets regularly and adjusts medication, equipment and care as needed.

Levels of care are available as patients’ needs change:

  • Routine Home Care: Can be provided at home, a care center or setting of your choice through regular visits from members of the hospice care team.
  • General Inpatient Care: When a person enrolled in hospice receives care in a hospital or other facility which cannot be managed at home.
  • Respite Care: When family caregivers need a rest from their care-giving responsibilities, patients can stay in a hospital or other inpatient care center for up to five days.

The Hospice Benefit Includes:

Direct care from physicians ​and nursing staff

Support from a social worker and chaplain

Tools, resources and education


Medical equipment

Supplies needed to promote comfort.

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