Angel Eyes

Support for those impacted by the sudden loss of an infant or toddler


Compassionate Friends

Child loss grief support


Exempla Lutheran

Grief Support Groups


Heartlight Center
Grief support groups and programs

Judi’s House

Grief support for children ages 3-24


Starfish Program - On Hold Due to Covid 19

Greif support groups for children in Douglas County and Southeast Denver


The Denver Hospice

Various grief support groups


Reading List

Mourning and Mitzvah

Anne Brener

Understanding Your Grief Journal

The Depression of Grief

Alan Wolfelt​

Grief One Day at a Time

365 Daily Meditations 
Alan Wolfelt

When Your Soulmate Dies
Alan Wolfelt

Healing after Loss

Martha Whitmore

Safe Passage: Words to Help the Grieving

Molly Fumia

​It’s Okay That You’re Not Okay

Megan Devine

Straight Talk About Death for Teenagers

How to Cope with Losing Someone You Love

Earl Grollman

Talking about Death: A Dialogue Between

Parent and Child

Earl Grollman

Living When a Loved One Has Died

Earl Grollman

Weird is Normal When Teenagers Grieve

Jenny Lee Wheeler

Stepparenting the Grieving Child

Dian Ingram Fromme

Bearing the Unbearable

Joanne Cacciatore

Denver Area Grief Support

The journey of a thousand ​miles starts with one step. LAU TZO

Grief is in two parts. The first is loss.

The second is the remaking of life. 

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Tips and help for managing the holidays when you are grieving. The season may not be the same, but it can be managable, and even meaningful.

Call Us:  (720) 482-1988

A gentle guide to help you understand, manage and care for yourself as you grieve.

Agape holds memorial services for family, friends and our team, to come together and honor those who were in our care. Things are different in terms of gathering in this season. Check back for information about our Spring 2021 Patient Memorial Service.

Websites and Other Links

Navigating Grief in the Holidays

Understanding and Support as You Grieve

At Agape, we understand the challenges facing those who are grieving. We are sorry for your loss, and we are here to help. A part of the hospice benefit, support from our Bereavement Team is available at no charge (and open to anyone in our community who is grieving, even ​if care was not provided by Agape). 

Our support includes:

  • Short-term grief counseling
  • Phone calls with bereavement counselors
  • Grief support groups
  • Educational material
  • Memorial services and grief workshops 
  • In-Services for nursing facilities or other groups.

Everyone experiences grief differently, yet finding understanding, similarities and ​support from others who are grieving may help ease the burden. To learn more about Agape Grief Support, call 720-482-1988.


New Hope Presbyterian Church hosts this video series with Agape's

Karrie Filios about managing grief in this holiday (and pandemic) season. 

NOVEMBER 19, 2020