Caring for a person with serious or chronic illness can be demanding. Caregivers may feel isolated, anxious or unsure of how to proceed in the face of a diganosis, or when conditions change. Most need a deep rest. 

Family relationships may feel stretched or strained, and feelings around accepting help (or caring for yourself) can be complex. Families may feel overwhelmed, not knowing how to approach each day or plan for the time ahead. 

Our care teams have worked with families in our region for 16 years and are understanding, resourceful and skilled at helping people navigate caregiving and illness. Along with excellent medical care support for patients, Agape provides present help, resources and education for family.

Families who access the hospice benefit have a team of medical and clinical providers, plus hospice volunteers. These highly trained individuals provide practical services, companionship, respite, alternative therapies and more. 

A Full Circle of Care

With the whole-person approach of hospice and palliative care, patients feel better. They often do better (and some live longer). As a caregiver, knowing someone you love is supported and doing better can bring relief. In turn, patients often feel a sense of relief knowing the people caring for them have support as well.  

Taking the first step toward palliative or hospice care can be difficult. Yet what we hear most from the people in our care is: "We wish we'd found you sooner." You can talk to your loved one's primary physician or specialist, or call us: 720-482-1988. 

With You on the Journey

Have questions or need support now? 

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